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Legal Highs Germany

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  •  CBD ISOLATE 99.5% Pure
    Buy CBD Isolate 99.5% Pure from Charge Powder shipping across Europe including the *** UK By email ordering only for UK **    As check out is locked for UK Customers  Wholesale CBD Isolate orders welcome    How to Use CBD Isolate  CBD Isolate offers a level of..
    From 11.99€
    CBD Vape Juice 10ml can only be ordered if you are over 18 years of age. Please ensure that CBD Vape Juice 10ml is NOT controlled in the country/state to which you wish it to be delivered. CBD Vape Juice 10ml is not for human consumption. ..
    From 17.00€
  • Charlotte’s Web CBD Flower
    Charlotte’s Web CBD Flower UK Customers can order Charlottes Web CBD Flower UK here  CBD 14.3% THC < 0.2% Reduces Stress Reduces Anxiety Reduces inflammation Reduces Need for Tobacco and Nicotine Products Works with Your CBD Receptor that helps function your nervo..
  • Energy
    Buy Herbal Highs Online Legal Highs Leading Wholesale Supplier Buy Charge Products Energy Snuff  ,Our Legal Energy is " suitable for human consumption". Gives you energy to get threw the busy day or night. Enrgy Legal Snuff  is classed for human consumption but w..
    From 75.00€
  • Flying Saucers
    Buy Party Pills Flying Saucers - NEW Ingrediants for 2020  LEGAL IN GERMANY !! Buy Flying Saucers Party Pills Legal Highs Bath Tabs from Charge Products  Payment by bank transfer or bitcoin - details on check out Tracked or normal delivery , please note you are..
    From 22.00€
  • Gorilla Glue CBD Flower Bud
    Gorilla Glue CBD Flower Bud online form Shipping across Europe  CBD 20.7 % THC 0.2 % Gorilla Glue is a hybrid strain of Hemp that causes a strong feeling of relaxation in its users due to it being high in cannabinoids like CBD. The origin of the Gorilla Glue st..
    From 13.99€
  • K-MIND
    NEW K-MIND from Charge Powder New for 2020! Legal in Germany !   What is K-MIND ? K-MIND Iis a  2-Fluorodeschloroketamine. This substance is a synthetic dissociative that is very similar to ketamine. Like ketamine, experiments with K-MIND frequently yield findings of hallu..
    From 20.00€
  • Super Skunk CBD Flower
    Super Skunk CBD Flower  UK Customers can order Super Skunk CBD Flower on our UK Site Here  CBD Content 17.4% THC < 0.2% Reduces Stress Reduces Anxiety Reduces inflammation Reduces Need for Tobacco and Nicotine Products Works with Your CBD Receptor that helps funct..
  • TRYP-TO Pellets
    Buy Tryp-to Pellets from Charge Powder Legal highs Online Shop.shipping across Europe including Germany france netherlands,spain greece belgium. NEW TRYP-TO  Pellets for 2020 !  LEGAL FOR GERMANY ! Payment by bitcoin or bank transfer - details at check out Tracked ort normal ..
    From 20.00€
  • Wonkad
    NEW UPDATED FROM 16-12-19 Wonkad From Charge Products E.Us No1 Supplier LEGAL IN GERMANY  Buy Wonkad From Charge Products,This All New Wonkad Legal Highs Charge Powder has been the longest testing we have ever done for a New Charge Powder, All Testers have reported the same "WOW" ..
    From 17.99€