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30 Apr Gutter Press Reporting on Legal Highs
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The Daily Mail Gutter Press Reporting on legal highs at election time stoops to new low knocking on aso called legal highs owners door asking "does he feel guilty making a living of "legal" highs while 50 people have now died". If this reporter had done his job he would know deaths from legal highs also include deaths from illegal drugs. Daily mail..
21 Mar Can Cannabis oil Cure Cancer
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There has always been wide spread rumours that cannabis can cure cancers, Cannabis oil is showing results for curing cancer so why are governments still refusing to make cannabis legal is it because pharmaceutical companies will not make money from cancer treatment ? How can they pattern a plant? more and more people are asking these question’s the..
16 Mar Drugs should be legal and criminal not to legalise legal highs
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Legallise Drugs and Legal Highs - The Case Grows Stonger than Ever To Finally End The War On Drugs Legal Highs and Drugs the facts for banning them and the war on drugs is a joke ,it does not add up ,its purely a political decision for votes at general election time. It should be criminal now not to legalise drugs there political stand is killing..
16 Mar UK Goverment Legalise Legal Highs Petition
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Petition to Legalise Legal Highs • Stop Criminalising Young and Law abiding People for smoking a joint. • Stopping Legal highs would drive more people to tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco related diseases kills over 100,000 People in the UK Every Year not to mention millions on NHS Health care, why is this not a general election debate Or any mention of..
13 Mar New Charge Products Legal Highs Website
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We would like to welcome you all to our new mobile friendly website Charge Products new home ,all customer accounts have been moved over so exsiting customers need not register again . We are very proud of our new home for legal highs and hope you are to, there are some great new features as well as being a mobile friendly website for you to Buy Le..
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