Delivery Of Legal Highs 

Shipping Policy 

UPDATED 20-01-21

Lost Order Reship Policy change
Due to even stricter customs checks and more products being lost even when products are legal for that country, we are now changing our reship policy to reship only on a “Tracked Insured Service”.
This change brings us into line along with other companies.
Starting immediately, we will now only reship on a Tracked insured service after 5 weeks -1 x Free reship only. If reship is also lost, we will not take any further action.
Lost received orders, Tracked, and tracked insured orders that are recorded as delivered – will not be reshipped – this is down to you and your postal service to resolve. This is normally down to another house member receiving the goods, this is out of our control.
Austria – We not NOT reship any lost orders Even with Tracked Insured! - We recommend untracked, but this is now completely at your risk,  legal products are being stropped. This completely out of our control.
Germany – Legal Products only – Please Germany Legal Section – Reships Only on Tracked Insured Service
UK-USA-Canada – Sorry we do not ship to at all.
All other Countries – Tracked insured service only to be covered for 1 x free reship after 5 weeks.
Untracked - Sometimes untracked gets through easier- but then we have the same old arguments that we never sent it if it does not show up, tracked proves we sent it and gives you the customer peace of mind, if you don’t take tracked, we will not entertain we didn’t ship the order, it’s getting old. We have been in business over 10 years, we did not do that by ripping people off.

  • We Ship all orders same day before 3.30pm once payment has cleared
  • if you would like unrecorded please leave message in comments section when ordering, we take no responsibility if lost with unrecorded mail
  • international please add shipping method you would like
  • international shipping time varies between 3-14 days depending on country
  • When Buying Wholesale Legal Highs we only except Bank Transfer Only