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Menthol Asylum e-liquid 10ml 12mg

Menthol Asylum e-liquid 10ml 12mg

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An all-new version of WizMix menthol e-liquid, and one that carries a proper menthol hit, the kind that leaves a little tingle behind so you know you've been mentholated. It not exactly subtle, but then the name does include the word asylum, so you have been warned. There is more than a hint of sweetness in the mix. Plus a gentle undertone floating about in there, but the majority of the flavour is an unashamed, and very punchy, menthol whoosh.

Unadulterated menthol is monochromatic and can get tedious. If you've tried the previous WizMix menthol then you'll recognise a strong side flavour here too. Its hard to place exactly, something like a bright green menthol sweet from an old-fashioned sweet shop where things are still kept in jars. Only now it has been properly tamed and no longer dominates. It has also lost any traces of a chemical aftertaste. This mix is so much cleaner and brighter, whilst still retaining that distinct WizMix flavour. Everybody should try menthol, it's one of the great e-juice flavours, and this new WizMix addition is worthy of proper attention.

If you are looking for a very strong Menthol, you may wish to also try out Brain Freeze.

The highest quality EU-made e-liquid available

Chinese made e-liquid was great in the beginning of the ecig revolution.
However, here at Charge Products  we wanted to ensure our customers were receiving the highest quality in terms of manufacturing our e-liquid, and in terms of quality. For that reason, our Wizmix e-liquid range is made in-house, right here in the UK.
EU made e-liquid

Premium EU e-liquid, at a budget price

  • All our e-liquid is fully CHIP compliant.
  • Mixed and bottled in our purpose built clean room for the very highest quality e-juice.
  • The very best flavourings, EU made, to food grade standards.
  • Unlike vendors who import their e-liquid from China, we know exactly what goes in our e-liquid.
  • Strict batch control - every bottle of e-liquid is traceable from the moment it is bottled.
  • Highest quality, premium e-liquids at budget prices.
  • E-liquid, made by vapers, for vapers.

Menthol Asylum e-liquid is available in 10ml bottles, 70% PG / 30% VG mix,

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