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Caramel Kiss eliquid

Caramel Kiss eliquid

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Caramel Kiss - caramel e-liquid

Size 10ml -Strength 12mg

Caramel Kiss is a slightly sweet, but rich and warm caramel e-liquid.

If Willy Wonka blended e-juice then this would be the result. Caramel Kiss has a truly scrumptious buttery caramel flavour that is magnificently moreish, and wonderfully decadent. The flavour is consistent and clean too, it simply gets more intense and rich, right through to a lingering aftertaste that tastes for all the world as if you'd been at the sweet jar. There are touches of toffee and fudge, but mostly it is a dreamy buttery blast. It's sweet of course, but not overly so, and not enough to become cloying. If you've any interest in sweet flavours at all, then this has to be tried.

We now we have proof that not all caramel juices are the same. This is in a completely different league to the old WizMix Caramel, which was lack-lustre at best. The new WizMix flavouring house has stuck gold again. There are no artificial notes, the juice smells lovely, the vapour smells lovely, and it tastes divine.

The highest quality EU-made e-liquid available

Chinese made e-liquid was great in the beginning of the ecig revolution.
However, here at Ecigwizard we wanted to ensure our customers were receiving the highest quality in terms of manufacturing our e-liquid, and in terms of quality. For that reason, our Wizmix e-liquid range is made in-house, right here in the EU.
EU made e-liquid

Premium EUe-liquid, at a budget price

  • All our e-liquid is fully CHIP compliant.
  • Mixed and bottled in our purpose built clean room for the very highest quality e-juice.
  • The very best flavourings, EU made, to food grade standards.
  • Unlike vendors who import their e-liquid from China, we know exactly what goes in our e-liquid.
  • Strict batch control - every bottle of e-liquid is traceable from the moment it is bottled.
  • Highest quality, premium e-liquids at budget prices.
  • E-liquid, made by vapers, for vapers.

Caramel Kiss e-liquid is available in 10ml bottles, 70% PG / 30% VG

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