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  • STONE MAN 1g
    Buy Stone Man Powder from Charge Powder, Europes Legal Highs Power house, wholesale welcome. This fantastic new Cannabinoid Powder legal high will have you high as a kite. "WARNING EXTREMELY STRONG POWER  -  IF YOU ARE NOT USED TO CANNABINOIDS PLEASE TAKE TIME TO RESEARCH - VERY VERY L..
  • White Charge 1g
    CHARGE WHITE FROM CHARGE PRODUCTS E.US NO1 SUPPLIER LEGAL HIGHS WHOLESALER SUPPLIER FOR EUROPE,CHARGE WHITE NOW IN PARTY PILLS Buy Charge White  1g, Charge Products  No1 Charge Powder. This all new legal high powder has been formulated to be stronger than top selling Herbal High..
  • Wonkad 1g
    Buy Wonkad 1g From Charge Products,This All New Wonkad Legal Highs Charge Powder has been the longest testing we have ever done for a New Charge Powder, All Testers have reported the same "WOW" Contains 3-Meo-PCP , Although 3-MeO-PCP was once famously described as possess..