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Toot Chute Fob Design

Toot Chute Fob Design

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Toot Chute Snuff Bullet - A Tobaco Free Herbal Snuff Bullet Designed by Arrow Designs!, EU's No 1 Legal High Store Online, Buy Legal Highs, Buy Party Pills, Buy Energy Snuff 10g, Buy Legal High Accessories, Wholesale Legal Highs, Euphoria Pills, Party Pills Online,

The current popularity in herbal and tobacco free snuff means that the common Snuff Bullet is now coming back in fashion and more in demand than it has been in recent years. This is the primary reason why we felt that the design that has been with us for nearly 100 years needed redesigned to fit in with modern lifestyles and snuff users. The result is the ground breaking new snuff bullet by arrow-designs and it is revolutionising the way people are planning for a night out on their favourite snuff. You simply load the centre cartridge of the Toot Chute snuff bullet with 5 lines of snuff to your required length, (anything up to 50mm), then click it back into the main body. When ready for use the cartridge can then be slid out and lined up with the precision marks on the main body, indicating the line number you are about to take, this enables you to sniff the required line directly into the nose through the 4mm hole in the side of the body with no mess or fuss.

Black Fob Design

On Special comes with Free 1g of  Energy worth £7.99

Energy is fit for human consumption

(sorry about the snow blow in video ....some people have no class x )

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