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Wonkad 1g

Wonkad 1g

In Stock

Buy Wonkad 1g From Charge Products,This All New Wonkad Legal Highs Charge Powder has been the longest testing we have ever done for a New Charge Powder, All Testers have reported the same "WOW"

Contains 3-Meo-PCP , Although 3-MeO-PCP was once famously described as possessing opioid or dopaminergic activity (based on early phenomenological analysis), this supposition is contradicted by data showing 3-MeO-PCP to be a potent and selective ligand for the NMDA receptor without appreciable affinity for the µ-opioid receptor or dopamine transporter. 3-MeO-PCP was preceded by the less potent dissociative 4-MeO-PCP and first became available as a research chemical in 2011.

Wonkad is one of our stronger powders that we have in our line up for 2020 and is sure to be a Great  hit amongst bathers of legal bath salts. As for bathing effects you will be know the why we chose the name wonkad .

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Buy Wonkad Legal Highs Charge Powder Wholesale only here from Charge Products EU's Leading Herbal Highs Shop, For Larger Amounts Please Contact Us


Buy Wonkad Legal Highs Charge Powder Wholesale only here from Charge Products EU's Leading Herbal Highs Shop.

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