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16 May Legallise Legal Highs and Drugs
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Legallise Drugs and Legal Highs - The Case Grows Stonger than Ever To Finally End The War On Drugs The Government has decided in its wisdom to ban legal highs in the UK The ban will take effect from MAY 26th 2016 - After this date Charge Products will no longer supply its products to the UK. Charge Products is looking into moving location so it ca..
30 Apr Gutter Press Reporting on Legal Highs
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The Daily Mail Gutter Press Reporting on legal highs at election time stoops to new low knocking on aso called legal highs owners door asking "does he feel guilty making a living of "legal" highs while 50 people have now died". If this reporter had done his job he would know deaths from legal highs also include deaths from illegal drugs. Daily mail..
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