Legallise Drugs and Legal Highs -

The Case Grows Stonger than Ever To Finally End The War On Drugs

The Government has decided in its wisdom to ban legal highs in the UK

The ban will take effect from MAY 26th 2016 - After this date Charge Products will no longer supply its products to the UK.

Charge Products is looking into moving location so it can still supply to the rest of the EU

So what will happen at the end of May 2016 when legal highs are banned in the UK.

Well first of all there will be no legal highs industry, therefore it won’t be in the press anymore.

The death figures from illegal drugs currently runs at @2000 a year this will rise but it matters not as these deaths are hardly ever in the news, mainstream media prefers to broadcast the so called 99 deaths from legal highs completely ignores the 100s of thousands of safe users, millions over the course of the year, in one of the latest deaths to hit the news a young girl from Manchester had a reaction to ecstasy yet some comments on sky’s news face book page are “one less druggie in the world” Disgraceful, would they say that about a smoker dying of cancer, one less smoker in the world or person dying from alcohol abuse, or even a person who has had a reaction to nuts these people know nothing of why this girl has taken drugs know nothing of how safe in particular ecstasy normally is yet feel somehow compelled to open there ignorant mouths and comment.

· If 2000 deaths every year from illegal drugs clearly more than legal highs what on earth will banning legal highs do,

Users of legal highs will now just go over to illegals with more deaths, but illegal drugs use deaths are not in the news.

The public are scared, they see legal highs in the news all the time and they want something done which is completely understandable but if you put death from illegals in the news then they would see what a difference the legal highs industry is making and you have some kind of control.

It will be our children that pay the price for our own ignorance that banning legal highs makes the problem go away, it does not, you are pushing your son – daughter to the illegal drugs market and Cameron is pointing the way.

Most of the so called 99 deaths are from drug binges people taking more than one drug or too much of a drug as there are no instructions on use because gutless politicians will not allow traders to put instructions on the packets because it will make them look weak in the eyes of the voting public, notice I say voting public, the conservatives know only too well most drug users don’t vote so it matters not what they think, this may be their own undoing but can you blame them for losing faith in a so called democracy system that does not seem to help them one bit but publicly denounces them as DRUGGIES.

Funny how I can buy a 24p packet of paracetamol with instructions on as long as my fore arm but not on a packet of drugs that has the same potency to kill if used incorrectly, bit like a person downing a bottle of vodka and dying, we don’t blame alcohol for their death we put this down to misuse, but when DRUGS are involved O stop the press legal highs are killing people again, what a crock of shit.

Let’s do away with the fear of the word “DRUG” the ignorance and being naive thinking people are not using these drugs and put bloody instructions on them, you are not in control of them, control is an illusion made up the deluded, the only person in control is the person them self’s.

Addicts stop taking drugs, alcohol, cigarettes when they want to, ask any person who finds out a loved one is battling drug addiction or alcohol addiction or even smokers, they don’t stop using these products when you nag them or take their ciggies away, they stop when they want to and not before, all you can do in the meantime is be there for them, support them and in the eyes of a DEALER provide safe drugs that are not going to kill them like a back street dealer stuff that mixes it with god knows what, I’ve heard of some dealers mixing with weed killer and god knows what, anything that comes to hand, they don’t care, they haven’t built up a reputable business they just want a quick buck., no come backs, no money trace., how many of my customers would be dead by now going to back street dealers instead of waking up in the morning and seeing another sunrise, isn’t that a good thing ?

Some of my customers have been there from the start, 8 years I have been in business my customers are not just names they have faces I see them on their face book pages, I see their families, their kids out having a good time with their friends they not DRUGGIES they are everyday people like you and me, yet they don’t announce they take drugs because of the social stigma attached to it, and why should they, what has it got to do with anyone else, do they ask you your business?

At first it made me sad seeing the same names as when a I started, then I felt proud there still in the game of life, there still alive and kicking and learning.

War on Drugs

What has the war on drugs achieved? you would think by now that is has raged what 40-50 years it would have achieved quite a lot especially with the millions and trillions of money spent on it from countries all over the globe.

In fact it has achieved nothing, deaths from illegal drugs continue to rise, we lock people up in prison for doing nothing more than smoking a joint, we pay as tax payers while they sit in a cell with murderers and child molesters and when they come out of prison they can’t get jobs because of there now criminal record so we then pay their job seekers allowance and there housing costs , what stupid ignorant naive fool thought of the war on drugs would do anything good ?, it’s a war and laws of a by gone age and we should do away with them unless you want to carry on doing the same thing we have been doing for the last 50 years “nothing”


I’ve smoked cannabis like most people every one has tried it, it didn’t agree with me found myself very paranoid on it, but I campaign to legalise cannabis, why ? because cannabis is illegal people seek synthetic cannabis or cannabinoids I’ve used these as well, have to say one of the best things I’ve ever taken, very eye opening spiritually, yet also one of the most dangerous drugs out there, this is the one I believe is taking young people’s life’s, its good but it’s so strong you can literally take 3 puffs on a joint and have an amazing life opening moment or you can take 4 puffs and be fighting for your life like I did, I even turned to my partner and said sorry, for what I don’t know but I thought I was checking out felt like my heart was going to jump straight of my chest.

Synthetic cannabis is massive in the UK, people don’t want to risk being caught with an illegal drug and it’s easier to get, it was one of the chemicals I pulled from the shelf after seeing a kid on face book dead after taking one puff, for me selling it was like it was ok for the government to make cannabis illegal, it wasn’t if cannabis was legal this stuff wouldn’t be around, people don’t die from cannabis but the voting electorate listen to the media hype so it must be bad, wrong cannabis has now been proven to kill cancer, my mum died of chemotherapy when I was 15,I was looking in her eyes when she closed them, it wasn’t cancer that took her it was chemo yet because she was being treated for cancer she went down as death from cancer.

Years later cancer would show itself again in my live, with my now partner and breast cancer you would think after all these years’ cancer treatment would have moved on, wrong they butchered her, they took her breast then poisoned her with chemotherapy and nearly killed her. She lives every day with a scar and months later the poison from chemo is not fully out of here body, her once long hair now shoulder length. You could say well she is alive, I could say shut your mouth !, she could have taken cannabis oil with THC, there are many people now shown to be cured from cancer by using cannabis oil with THC, without barbaric surgery, why was this not available ?, because some gutless politician who cares more for his cushy little job did not want to risk losing by saying “by the way the war on this little plant is complete bollocks”, we used to use cannabis in everyday life years ago it was in medicines and tonics, even cloths, now we mention the word cannabis as if we are murderers, well the only murderers are the politicians in the pockets of the Pharmacy Giants who want to sell your there products through the NHS that we all pay into from the age of 16 and pay ludicrous prices for what ? something that is naturally grown on planet earth anyway, so why is it so expensive, why can’t we use cannabis oil is because it isn’t expensive or is because a pharmacy cannot patent a plant.

Golden Moment

David Cameron has missed a golden moment, a moment to legalise Legal Highs to finally do away with the FEAR machine of the word DRUGS to stop criminalising people for doing drugs that they are going to do whether legal or not, cannabis is illegal yet millions use cannabis every Day of the week in the UK alone, are you going to lock them all up? will you lock all the underage smokers and drinkers as well.

Why not take this moment and realise you are not in control, you never were, educate users like we now educate smokers and safe alcohol consumption?

Why continue to fill prisons up with drug users, give them criminal records then have them sit at home having there housing costs paid, there medical bills paid why not let them contribute to society.

Driving drugs back under ground will only hand over a now public and standard driving industry over to back street drug dealers who pay no tax, no vat and do not contribute to the economy at all.

Yet to mention their prices will now go back up to £50 -£70 a gram meaning associated crime such as burglary and robbery will now begin to rise because people can no longer afford the drugs that legal highs industry drove down to as little as £15g

Why not take this moment and improve the already build infrastructure of trusted suppliers and add?

· Traffic Light labelling system on all packets, Yellow, Green, Red to indicate the strength helping reduce the death figures from taking too much because people don’t know how strong they are.

· License the vendors-this can be done by local council food and hygiene officers that will work with the suppliers to use correct labelling, storage and contaminating procedures lowering deaths by mixing chemicals

· Bank payments only, we use Chinese banks because British banks won’t get involved in this industry yet if we made bank transfer and card payments only instead of cash over the counter we can work with the banks who can set up over 18s only can pay into our accounts, and clear payment coders on your bank statement so if your son or daughter were using your card without your knowledge’s you have early warning a minor is taking drugs, isn’t that a good thing. Your also putting money going into Chinese banks back in to British banks

· Instructions Put clear usage instruction on labels, the younger generation just like us when we were young and starting drinking thinks the more the better, wrong, drugs are the complete opposite just like alcohol you don’t walk in to a bar with every intention of getting drunk and ask for a pint of pure alcohol, you drink safe measurement throughout the night till you know you have had enough and stop, well most do, most fail and throw up but there alive in the morning, if people are going to do drugs at least advise them rather than drugs are illegal so you have broken the law, who gives a shit wouldn’t you rather your son or daughter walks in the door in the early hours rather than a knock on the door from the police to find you son has taken drugs and is dead!

· British Suppliers, why are we buying raw chemicals from chines suppliers putting money into their economy instead of ours, and providing a safer product with a British come back, we buy from the Chinese and there is no come back or money back guarantee if miss sold the wrong chemical.


What is addiction, addiction is something you do when you want to blot something out, you take something to forget, you don’t want to remember the loss of a loved one or abuse as a child, why would you want to re-live those memories every day. But the ignorant amongst us don’t see that they see like I did all those years ago just a “druggie” it isn’t them that has the ADDICTION PROBLEM, they know they take drugs they know the risks but the voting public still has this addiction to thinking a politician is going to solve their problems, let’s not forget it was David Cameron who poured scorn on the then Gordon Browns policy of letting the drug council, the people who do the research tell us the policies on drugs, the only thing Gordon Brown did was not to have the back bone of his convictions and sack Professor Nutt.

Yet the voting public now think the one person who put drugs on the political agenda and has helped increase the number of deaths from drugs is now going to help them, a man that was taught body language, to talk with his hands open to imply he is being open and truthful anyone who has to be taught that is a blatant liar, anyone with any common sense can see that. So aren’t the voting electret the real addicts, I think you will find that is called ADDICTION as well so stop being so judgmental of others and deal with your shit.


Mankind has always taken drugs, even now ancient jungle tribes still take drugs there very spiritual and can be very eye opening experience if used correctly and many of my customers do just that, there are 100s of thousands of people safely taking drugs every week yet main stream media picks up on the deaths, the negatives, why not pick up on the 100,000 that took drugs safely ,didn’t take alcohol get in a fight and smash someone’s head in, the positives, if 2000 deaths a year from illegal yet under 100 from legal highs is that a bloody great step in the right direction, something to be proud of something achieved with no help from government at all with their we’re take the tax and vat from legal highs sales but when something goes wrong, big step back “OHH” nothing to do with me attitude”. SPINELESS why did you even bother getting into politics.

I’ve had a VAT inspector at my house, wanted to see how I take orders, what the product looked like didn’t ask are the products legal, do I sell to minors, he didn’t give a monkeys he held his hand out for vat cheque and said don’t claim for a 50p mars bar I picked up while at a filling station. That’s what your loving caring government is a money machine it doesn’t car one bit about deaths if it did mephedrone would never have been banned the coroner reports were in years ago of the so called 10 deaths, they died of methadone, guess where that comes from, the NHS. The sun newspaper must have forgot about a little thing like facts and to this very day still say linked to 10 deaths.

If we are so concerned with deaths let’s talk about the

· 2000 from illegal drugs, or

· 1000,000 from tobacco or

· 8,000 from alcohol + another 8000 from drink driving but we don’t, we don’t because our loving government doesn’t want to, it earns 9.5 billion a year alone from tobacco, there would be mighty big hole in one’s ask yourself where legal highs are in the news all the time being the lowest in death figures.


I strongly believe there is a positive in every negative, even if this ridiculous ban goes ahead I believe some positive will come of it, I think drug use will drop you will get some people who can’t get drugs from back street dealers who will just quit, so over all drug abuse will fall, but deaths from illegal drugs will rise, isn’t that more important to lower deaths.

Maybe this ban will make people start talking about bigger issues, things that never make the news,

· Why 100,000 British people die every year from tobacco yet it isn’t on the news, in the last 10 years 1 million brits have died of tobacco yet the government earned 100 billion pounds from tobacco sales in the last 1o years.

· Why 16,000 brits die from alcohol related deaths every year but isn’t in main stream media

· Why deaths and addiction from prescription drugs is on the rise ever since the war in Afghanistan, am sure we didn’t really go there for their poppy fields I am sure the American soldiers are guarding the Popeye fields still to this day because they like pretty flowers.

· Or maybe drug abuse is fine if it’s being fed by big pharmacy using NHS money.

· Why is it when the counties own Head scientist professor nut is sacked because he says the very research the government paid him to do does not tally up with their political agenda. maybe David Cameron has suddenly taken a degree is science that none of us knew about

· Why the conservatives very own party leader was sacked when he said the war on drugs is not working and we must do something else.

Who knows maybe there will be some good come from banning legal highs, but I don’t think it will be good for the people banning them, good luck Dave I think you have some explaining to do, Karma comes to us all, you could save someone’s life do something positive and finally end this War and Fear on Drugs.

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