Petition to Legalise Legal Highs

• Stop Criminalising Young and Law abiding People for smoking a joint. • Stopping Legal highs would drive more people to tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco related diseases kills over 100,000 People in the UK Every Year not to mention millions on NHS Health care, why is this not a general election debate Or any mention of banning ?

• In 2013-2014 the UK Government Received 9.5 Billion in revenue from tobacco • It earns nowhere near this figure for legal highs, is is the real reason why it wants to ban legal highs ?

• In 2013 there were 8,416 alcohol-related deaths registered in the UK and millions on NHS care yet is not a general election debate or any mention of banning

• Allow instructions to be given with legal highs for safe use lowering the deaths figure.

• During the "Last" General Election there was reported 10 deaths from legal highs this figure turned out to be untrue when coroner reports were done it was a lot less ,most died from cocaine substitutes given out by the government or a cocktail of drugs due to misuse and illegal drugs.

• Today’s legal high death figures are not clear but could be as high as 185 leading on from the first banning during the last general election where the conservatives pushed labour into a u turn on drug policy that was working. • Just one death is one to many banning will not stop drugs of any kind, educating and researching chemicals will.

• Legalising Cannabis and low cat drugs would free up prisons, stop street corner drug dealers and related crime would go down.

• Would generate millions of tax revenue for hospitals, schools and armed forces and safes millions of pounds on alcohol and tobacco treatments and "lowers deaths" as less people use tobacco or alcohol.

• Educate People on legal highs for safer use lowering death figure to zero. Banning legal highs would only push drugs underground where it cannot be controlled, taxed and will be a taboo subject that will not be openly talked about or debated.

• Clear data figures from legal high deaths that do not contain drugs given out by government or illegal drugs.

• Licence vendors and contaminating procedures brought in, this can be done by local food and hygiene inspectors. • Allow testing of legal highs so these can be improved and safer to use again lowering the deaths from legal highs. • Stop using legal highs for election purposes you’re not fooling anybody. Please sign