There has always been wide spread rumours that cannabis can cure cancers, Cannabis oil is showing results for curing cancer so why are governments still refusing to make cannabis legal is it because pharmaceutical companies will not make money from cancer treatment ? How can they pattern a plant? more and more people are asking these question’s the governments of the world’s refusal act on failing drug laws that stop research, give young people criminal records and placing them in prison and effectively stop them from getting a job putting them on benefits is wrong.

Cannabis has not killed a single person in the UK so why is it illegal when tobacco that kills 100,000 people in the UK alone every year legal, and in the last 2015 budget they did not even up the VAT paid on cigarettes showing that they are acting on the huge deaths from tobacco.

Run from the cure is a massive worldwide video that has explored these views and a must watch for anyone looking for treatment for cancer other than chemotherapy .Its a long video and if you look past the red neck mentality you will see people like you and me just trying to help others for free. Cannabis oil needs to be legal NOW why does a person trying to heal them selfs have to risk prison and a criminal record for trying to live! it is there human right to live.

Its high time the politicians are held to account for their morally wrong and corrupt actions, are these the people that should be in prison instead of drug users ,they put 9.5 billion pounds revenue from cigarette’s and votes before people lives .

Governments around the world have wasted trillions on the war on drugs, countless lives, thousands with criminal records and now possibly millions on cancer treatments that do not work as well as cannabis oil is claimed in this video.