The Daily Mail Gutter Press Reporting on legal highs at election time stoops to new low knocking on aso called legal highs owners door asking "does he feel guilty making a living of "legal" highs while 50 people have now died".

If this reporter had done his job he would know deaths from legal highs also include deaths from illegal drugs.

Daily mail seem more concerned with what this guy earns for a living and to help sell its newspapers why doesnt it ask how much tax and vat this guy has paid to UK Goverment,if there so concerned about deaths from legal highs why are they not actively campaigning for instruction for use to be placed on legal highs and educating drug users that is now the proved method of expert researchers.

Drugs have been done since the birth of mankind and the so called war on drugs has caused thousands of deaths, millions possibly billions in the UK alone spent on law enforcement that hasn’t worked and young people now not able to get jobs because of pointless convictions and criminal records causing more people to live on benefit or more expense on prisons.

There are 100,000 deaths every year alone in the UK due to tobacco why is the daily mail not knocking on 10 downing street asking do they feel guilty about such a disgraceful and disturbing number of deaths in a so called civilised land. Does it not feel that the £9.5 billion pounds on tobacco sales bring in to the UK Every year, more could be done to stop people smoking or healthy cigarettes researched because let’s face it banning them altogether wouldn’t work and and you would lose some voters come election time, but not drug banning’s, research has shown people who do drugs are more likely not to vote, You will also find these are the younger disillusioned people so it doesn’t matter ???

Surely they are the people you should most want to engage the youth of our country aren’t these the voices of our future the most important?

When the main stream media stop there low live reporting and do some real news reporting maybe then the politicians of this country will stand up and do their job and then maybe it will be the corrupt politician’s in prison and not drug users and dealers.

Shouldn’t more research be done or some research at all would be great ! to reduce the risk of death from

legal highs simply putting a label on a pack for use would help but legal highs dealers are not allowed because its not for human consumption, well lets all stick our heads in the ground becuse clearly no one is taking legal can walk into Tesco’s and buy a 24 pence of paracetomol with instructions as long as your arm but not herbal highs, seems complete madness but not if a gutless politician doesn’t want to risk his cushy little job and not debate it.

Surely 100,000 deaths deaths from tobacco isn’t morally correct because its legal ?

100,000 lives EVERY year is ok because we earn £9.5 billion, and we wouldn’t want our taxes to go up ,do we really put money before lives now ? .

The sad fact is we do and we always have and it isn’t the politician’s or the gutter press that allow this it’s us the people.